GECODA Networks is specialized in several key aspects of SECURE services and solutions in the field of global data networking such as architecture, design, engineering, support, (remote) management and consultancy in Cloud, Collaboration, Data Center, IoT-IoE, Mobility-Wireless, Routing-Switching, Security and Carriers on a multi-vendor policy.


Target Markets:

-  SOHO+ |  1-5 users
-  Small Medium Enterprises/Branches |  5-15, 15-50 & 50-100 users
-  Middle Large Enterprises |  100-1000 users
-  Large Enterprises | 1000+ users


GECODA Networks provides all the on-site wireless/wired network architecture, designing, consulting, security, test, measurement and engineering services you’ll need to design, deploy, test, verify and troubleshoot your 802.3 Ethernet LAN and 802.11 wireless LAN.